optimised for all media!


Your brand is not only visible, but "audible"! Your brand will become a catchy tune that will stay in your head. Together we will develop your musical identity!

No matter what language

No matter what language your customers speak. Your brand becomes unmistakable to everyone based on the melody.

The sound makes the music

The sound that stays in the ear! The sound that determines feelings and decisions! The sound that sends signals! This is the sound of YOUR brand.

usually priceless

An added value that is normally priceless. One should think so. But we will surely find an affordable solution for your brand together. Inquire now without obligation!

Made for all media

Your Audiobranding/Soundlogo is perfect for all media.

* Stefan Schnabel must be entered as a composer with the following CAE / IPI: 676660701 when using audio branding for TV commercials, TV reports and telephone systems at BMI!


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