Your partner for music.

Since over 10 years I have been offering music for TV productions, agencies and artists, as well as services and advice in the field of music production.


My name is Stefan Schnabel. I've been a composer and music producer for 10 years. I am happy to answer any questions about music.

I offer my music for all types of media, some pieces of music are used daily by many international TV productions, artists and media companies.

I would be happy if I can help you with my music and my services.

Stefan Schnabel


Creator Music Library

Dein Musikarchiv: Für Youtube Creator und Socialmedia Influencer. Mit mehr als 450 Titeln!
Jetzt Mitgliedschaft buchen!

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Do you need help or have questions about music production or are you looking for individual music for your film or project?

Call now.: +49 (0)9221 9359041
or via email.: info@stefanschnabel.com


- Rap / Vocal recordings.
- Composition.
- Mixing und Mastering.
- Vocal recordings for Podcasts.

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Together we will develop the perfect sound for your brand. And your figurative mark becomes an audio mark!

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  • Recording, Consultation $56

    Recording or for questions about music. Per hour.

  • Mixing $75

    Song mix. Per track.

  • Cover Song Recording $250

    Complete package: recording, mix and master. A music track of your choice.


Do I keep my advertising revenue? 
100% of course! (we put your channel on our whitelist)

Do I get access to the library?
After receiving your order, we will invite you to our music archive. Here you can set your own password. 

Are there playlists?
We have created our own playlists for the most important topics.

Can I listen or use the music offline?
We offer you the opportunity to use our complete archive (460 titles) independently of the online archive. For this we offer a download link via Dropbox.

How many pieces of music are in it?
At the moment there are around 460 pieces of music, around 250 of which are available online. 

Can I continue to use the pieces of music after I cancel?
Videos that were created and published in the period before the termination may continue to be used with the music. A further monthly membership only has to be acquired for the creation and thus further use in new videos. 

Which topics are covered?
Everything about music, marketing, registration with GEMA or GVL. 

Software questions e.g. to Steinberg Cubase. (DAW)

Music making workshops. How can I record what equipment is required? 

Or any questions you have.

What do I have to bring in?
Your lyrics, good mood and a little time.

Is there an instrumental?
You should organize or buy your instrumental beforehand. It's best to bring it with you on a USB stick. 

There is also the option to have me compose your own instrumental for you in consultation. In this case, just call and inquire beforehand.

Are there vouchers as gifts?
Of course there are also vouchers to give away. 

Music production Stefan Schnabel is located in the heart of Upper Franconia, in Kulmbach. 
We are right between Stadtsteinach, Kulmbach, Kronach in the Baumgarten district. 

Monday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Wednesday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Get in touch: 
Phone.: +49 (0)9221 395 9041
email.: info(at)stefanschnabel.com


"It's always nice to hear music by Stefan Schnabel in my videos. His archive quickly has the right soundtrack for every experience, whether in the air or on the ground."
"A beautiful lawn is even better with the right music. That is why the lawn freak uses the wonderful music of Stefan Schnabel. The lawn is cut in rhythm and the engines run in time."